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Global Licensing

The Nibbler team brings experience with government and health organizations to ensure legitimacy and access. This helps you successfully navigate changing global standards required to get your product licensed. Let our knowledge work for you.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain your license and adhere to standards across the world. Nibbler brings expert knowledge in health, hazard and prevention planning; GMP, HACCP, PCP and regional requirements worldwide.

Product Development

Nibbler aids your business in asset development by improving your product. We demonstrate cross-industry expertise which include insights and best practices that add value to your products. 


Regulatory Approval

Technical Support

Our Approach for Cosmetics


Nibbler specializes in the development of topical personal care formulations. If you have a concept, we can design a formula for your product range as per your expectations and in accordance with your target market. This service includes concept design, ingredient sourcing, process development and providing samples to you for evaluation.

Regulatory Approval

Nibbler can register your product to Health Canada on your behalf. We provide ingredient compliance review, label claiming reviews, Cosmetics Notification forms submission and import/export regulatory support.

Technical Support

Nibbler provides stability testing, challenge testing and safety assessments. These are performed for products in various packaging materials based on different testing points (2 week, 4 week, 8 week, 12 week and 16 week) and testing attributes (pH, Viscosity and Physical integrity (color, odour and appearance).

Our extensive knowledge and experience will support you and help you strategize your business in a long term partnership.

About Cosmetics

Cosmetics and topicals are an established and competitive market that include globally recognized brands. Research & Development leads to the successful expansion of new products. We help you with growing health, testing and regulatory considerations.

Why Choose Nibbler

At Nibbler we have a passion for natural ingredients and low impact testing practices. This makes our team a perfect match for many new companies seeking to launch cosmetic products and looking to make a difference in this competitive global industry.

We customize our recommendations for your product.

Other Services


Join Canada in embracing the new Cannabis Act. From MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR to new cannabis regulations. What should you expect?

Food Products

Let us help you grow your food business. Need to take a product to market? Confused by all the rules and regulations? Need Non-GMO certification? We can help!

Natural Health Products (NHPs)

We help you with formulation, product licensing, product classification and development, product safety and health clams, and more.

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