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We help you grow, keep compliant, meet your goals.

Nibbler brings expertise and experience in complete end-to-end global licensing, regulatory compliance, facilities management processes and product development. We have experts who specialize in the cannabis, food products, natural health products (NHP), and cosmetics industries. Call us today.

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For All of Your Regulated Product Needs

Our team of experts keeps you ahead of the competition and ready for the highest standards demonstrated by industry leaders.

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Global Licensing

The Nibbler team brings experience with government and health organizations to ensure legitimacy and access. This helps you successfully navigate changing global standards required to get your product licensed. Let our knowledge work for you.

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Regulatory Compliance

Maintain your license and adhere to standards across the world. Nibbler brings expert knowledge in health, hazard and prevention planning; GMP, HACCP, PCP and regional requirements worldwide.

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Product Development

Nibbler aids your business in asset development by improving your product. We demonstrate cross-industry expertise which include insights and best practices that add value to your products. 

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Join Canada in embracing the new Cannabis Act. From MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR to new cannabis regulations. What should you expect?

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Food Products

Let us help you grow your food business. Need to take a product to market? Confused by all the rules and regulations? Need Non-GMO certification? We can help!

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Natural Health Products (NHPs)

We help you with formulation, product licensing, product classification and development, product safety and health clams, and more.

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Nibbler helps cosmetic companies navigate the unique set of regulations regarding cosmetic ingredients, product formulation, labeling and packaging.

Consulting Services

Nibbler is a consultancy that provides full cycle support in regulatory compliance and product development. Nibbler  services the cannabis, food, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries, and has a range of clients both large and small, private and public. 

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We help you grow

Keep Compliant, Meet Your Goals.

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#720 - 1155 West Pender St. Vancouver, BC