Building Your Brand

Your brand distinguishes you in a crowded market. Using our network of licensed partners, we can showcase your product the way you want, increase your possibilities for greater market exposure, and build the right network prior to launch.

“Your brand is your storefront”

Protecting Your Brand

It is critical to secure the proper intellectual property safeguards when building a brand.
Nibbler will determine which protections are relevant to your brand/company and procure the necessary IP protections including trademarks, copyrights and patents.

“Think Globally, Not Locally”

Selling Your Brand

It is important to control where your product enters the sales stream. Nibbler will, via our licensed partners, guide you through the sales process.
Whether you prefer the recreational and/or medical market, we can design a bespoke distribution chain to suit your needs. It is essential to us that you find the right buyer. We can carry your brand and share the responsibility.