ACMPR to Cannabis Regulations; medical or recreational; small batch or large scale.
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Global Licensing

The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and regulations are changing around the globe. We aid our clients in preparing their product and company for licensing both in Canada and worldwide. Our clients rely on our experience to achieve successful licensing approval.

With our expertise, we help our clients to strategize a licensing approach at an early stage and aid them throughout the process.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieving licensing often means that you can begin operations, but it is important to continue to maintain your license over time by meeting regulations and regional requirements. 

Regulatory compliance in the Cannabis Industry is not something that can be added but must be part of your product focus and business model. Our team works to build an integrated compliance approach for long term success.

Product Development

As cannabis acceptance grows and new markets open, new products and innovations are bound to follow. Our team has proven experience and established networks to integrate your new edible product into the cannabis industry. 

Nibbler works with businesses to expand cannabis products into new areas: topicals, nutraceuticals and supplements.

Key Staff Security Clearance

Good Production Practises (GPP) Integration

Small Batch vs. Large Scale Production

New Cannabis Licences

I want to:Applicable Licences:
Grow cannabis
Licence for Standard Cultivation
Licence for Micro-cultivation
Licence for Nursery
Make cannabis products
Licence for Standard Processing
Licence for Micro-processing
Sale cannabis for medical purposesLicence for Sale for Medical Purposes
Perform testing of cannabisLicence for Analytical Testing
Do research with cannabisLicence for Research
Produce a drug containing cannabisCannabis Drug Licence

Our team will work with yours to bring the right application and licencing to match your goals.

About Cannabis

One of the fastest growing product sectors around the world, Cannabis products have become a source of innovation. Canada’s recent regulatory changes have made experienced consultants world-leading experts in Cannabis product development and regulation.

Why Choose Nibbler

By following Nibbler’s advice and expertise, you can guarantee a successful, fast-tracked licencing application.

Small Batch vs. Large Scale Production

Commercial cannabis production has become one of the most exciting business ventures since legalization; however, some producers have little experience in the field and favor volume at the expense of quality. Smart producers know the value of producing a higher grade of cannabis plants.

Over 80% of licencing applications are rejected by Health Canada. Nibbler’s professional experience with the process makes it easy for us to identify potential issues that can slow you down.

Nibbler guides large and small scale growers through the complexities of the licencing process. We will provide solutions tailored to your needs and assist you to stay compliant from beginning to end.

Health Canada Licencing Application

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development

Good Production Practises (GPP) Integration

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Integration

Municipal and Site Approbation

Key Staff Security Clearance

Business Planning

Security Design and Implementation

Quality Assurance and Record Keeping Documentation

Mock Inspection

Post-licencing implementation

Other Services

Food Products

Let us help you grow your food business. Need to take a product to market? Confused by all the rules and regulations? Need Non-GMO certification? We can help!

Natural Health Products (NHPs)

We help you with formulation, product licensing, product classification and development, product safety and health clams, and more.


Nibbler helps cosmetic companies navigate the unique set of regulations controlling cosmetic ingredients, product formulation, labeling and packaging.

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